My Name is Chandler Thomlison

By day, I'm an IT consultant specializing in Microsoft Infrastructure products. By night, I'm the Game Director for the upcoming MOBA, Circuits and Shields. Outside of work, my passions include powerlifting and cryptocurrency.

I am currently available for freelance consulting for game development projects, you can find more info on what I can offer your project below.


IT Consulting

I currently work as a Senior Consultant for Avanade's Cloud Services team. My focus is in the Active Directory/Exchange fields of IT, with major experience in inter-org forest/domain migrations using Quest Migration Manager and Microsoft Native Tools. I also have strong skills in various scripting languages, namely Powershell, and am proficient in C#/.NET development, including Microsoft SQL integration. I'm currently focusing on furthering my knowledge in Azure and Sharepoint technologies.

My specialties include automating tasks and environments, process efficiency, and rapid learning of new technologies.

Skillset: Active Directory administration, all versions of Exchange and Windows Server, Quest Migration Manager for AD/Exchange, Powershell, Office 365, Sharepoint, Azure, C#/.NET Development, SQL Server, VMWare vSphere/ESX, Microsoft Office (Advanced in Excel)


I hold two Bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Economics from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.

Game Dev

Circuits and Shields

Growing up playing games (thank you World of Warcraft), I found myself constantly analyzing what each game could do better, developing a knack for identifying design flaws and coming up with solutions to improve them. This passion led me to enroll in college with the intent to pursue game design. However, after one semester of programming class, I decided that route definitely wasn't for me!

After graduating, I entered the field of IT, but the passion to make games was still there. After a few years that passion couldn't be ignored and Circuits and Shields was born. I currently serve as the Game Director for Circuits, overseeing every single process from start to finish. While my true love falls directly in game design, being a part of each line of production has been an enlightening experience. You can find some of our Q&A's here and here

Circuits and Shields is currently entering the final push before our Kickstarter campaign which we're hoping will take place early Q2 2018. You can follow Circuits development on our Twitter



I am currently available for freelance consulting for your game development project. I've built Circuits from the ground up, having a hand in absolutely every element of development for nearly three years. I've made countless mistakes and learned countless lessons. I can help you avoid making those same mistakes, dramatically reducing costs and production time. On my running tally of expenses, I keep a tab for "Didn't Use". I estimate that I could reach our current level of production on Circuits for about 50% of the cost so let me help you avoid having as many instances of that label as I do!

Along with cutting costs, my main strengths lie in design and making existing ideas better, along with finding better ways to market those ideas. You can find some light examples of my design writeups here and here. Additionally, while I'm no programmer, I've done countless hours of research and racking people's brains to find answers, familiarizing myself with game architecture and distribution, including things like Unreal Engine 4, AWS, Steam, or a third-party service like Gamesparks. The first step to making your project succeed is knowing what you need and don't need!

I'm happy to answer any questions you have about the game development process, either on an hourly or retainer basis, whatever fits your needs best. I know the budgetary constraints of a project as well as anyone so I'm happy to work out a deal that works for both of us. I have an official forum post where you can find more information on my services.

Skillset includes but is not limited to: Project Management, Budgeting, Recruiting, Idea Refinement, Gameplay Design, Marketing, Animation, 3D Modeling, Visual Effects (VFX), Sound Effects (SFX), General Do's and Dont's, Website Design, Community Outreach, Engine Choice, Multiplayer Architecture, and Distribution.